Words mean so much

What you say is valuable. In a society were talk is everywhere, lying is second nature to some, and silence seems a strange rarity; it is easy to discount what we say as having no impact. Still words are a simple thing which can encourage those around you.

Words which encourage

  • notes of hello
  • a wave of greeting
  • spoken thank yous
  • a card that says, “I thought of you today”
  • a smile
  • using someone’s name when you talk with them

Keep the Encourage Words Coming

Since it is rare, you may find your genuine greeting or lifting words meet with a quick brush off or passing mumbles. Be patient, be genuine, be consistent – soon those around you will realize they can rely on you for simple words of encouragement. Others will see your real life living in your words and be encouraged – whether the person who knows you best or the stranger walking their dog by your house.

To encourage another at times requires great strength. Our words may be one of the strongest resources we possess. (2)

Words, Simple and Strong
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