Yesterday, I wrote about allowing yourself the freedom to push back or delete self-imposed deadlines as a way to offer a space for your soul to breathe and find courage for continuing on. Along the theme of finding ways to encourage yourself, I ask you, “What lifts you? What activity refreshes or recharges you?” There are somethings in life, that when we put time and effort into them we walk away excited about doing all that is before us.

Find It, Do It

Whatever that activity is for you, I encourage you to find time to do it in the next couple of days.

As I consider this for myself, two things come to mind – quiet moments of reading and walks in the fall air. I may not have complete control over whether my house will be quiet over the next couple of days (my kids are off school for a long weekend) or if the weather will be cool (I hear it will feel a bit more like summer than fall), but I am looking forward to reading and walks in our park this weekend.

Write 31 Days webMay you too make the time to refresh your spirit with a favorite activity this weekend. And as you head into next week, I encourage you to find a way to make this activity a regular part of your life.

Praying for you, that whatever you choose to do you are encouraged today!

What Lifts You?
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