We encourage others by the giving of gifts. The idea of gift-giving seems a bit redundant. In all the areas discussed this week, giving has been a central theme in seeking to encourage another.

Today I turn my focus specifically to the giving of things, more than time or words or service. Often we think only when we give big does the gift-giving have an impact. I disagree. Giving that encourages often takes place in the small and simple.

  • flowers for a friend
  • a note stuck on the windshield of your husband’s car
  • the trinket that reminds you have a close friend
  • a book you someone has been dying to read, but just can’t bring themselves to spend the money and buy
  • that mug, bracelet, or picture frame that matches the one you have (this can be an additional
  • prompt to pray for that person each time you see or use it)
  • a special treat when you are out with them

Whatever the gift may be, whether great or small. Whatever the thoughts you convey in giving the gift. Our giving can encourage. When we seek to give thinking of the other person, then our gifts encourage. It might aid them in their task, it might lift their spirit, but most of all; gift-giving tells the other “I value you.” Knowing that truth, can be the greatest encouragement of all.

You're valued

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Encourage through giving
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