Romancing Your Better Half by Rick Johnson, is a candid and personal look at various aspects of marriage. Rick’s story telling way of writing at times causes the reader feel as if you are listening into a conversation.

“With wit and wisdom, Rick Johnson, shows you how to communicate effectively with your spouse, recapture the feeling of young love, incorporate romance and intimacy into everyday life, . . . and more. The useful insights and solid advice in this practical book will strengthen your marriage now and into the future.” (These comments are taken directly from the book cover.)

In Summary

Rick makes a case for why marriages are such a big deal and why we ought to be concerned with making a big deal out of our marriage. He walks his reader through several areas of marriage: communication, romance, love, and intimacy, as well as how our past wounds and “baggage” can affect our relationship with our spouse. Full of good information and ideas, thought provoking, and convicting in some areas; Romancing Your Better Half leaves the reader with much to consider and some practical ideas for bettering the relationship with your spouse.

Rick ends his book with a chapter on men’s needs and one on women’s needs. I found these sections especially interesting to read. I wholeheartedly agree with and can easily see, in the lives of my husband and I, the truth of some of the listed needs. Yet, I am skeptical of some of what he covers in this needs section. Still, knowing I have not made an extensive study of people, I am intrigued by the idea of their realities.

My Impression

Romancing Your Better Half is filled with practical advice, common sense ideas, and stories that cause the reader to feel as if they are part of a small gathering of friends. I found myself laughing with some of the stories, relating to his observations about men and women, and being prompted to ponder what he was saying. Unfortunately this flow of conversation style of writing made the book difficult to follow at times. Often when I returned to reading it after a period of time, I felt a bit lost as to what we had been discussing when I left.

So many aspects and ideas relating to marriage are covered within the bounds of this book that I finished my reading with the feeling I had been trying to drink from a fire hose. There was so much information, only a small portion was absorbed and the rest fell by the way side. Though refreshed, I was also overwhelmed with the quantity of ideas and information that I had yet to process and absorb. This is the type of book that once read, it might be best to go through again, more slowly.


If you read only one book on marriage, I would not recommend Romancing Your Better Half. The quantity of concepts and the somewhat scattered presentation lessen its effectiveness. However, if you are making a study of marriage and the man/woman relationship within marriage, Romancing Your Better Half provides interesting insights and practical advice. The quality of information and practical ideas would enrich your study.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book, in exchange for writing a review.

Personally, I am curious as to what books or articles others have read about marriage. This is an area we are investing in this year in our family, and I am eager for ideas. Please let me know in the comments or via email what books or authors you have enjoyed and would recommend.

Book Review: Romancing Your Better Half
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